Universal Life Church Ordinations

ULC Ordination

Be ready to proceed with your ordination. This will allow you to join the Universal Life Church Monastery.

Ensure that you have collected the appropriate information:

  • Enter your legal name
  • Double check all information and email address

Make sure that you enter both your first and last name or your ordination will not be valid.

The Monastery staff will review all ordination applications that are processed. Inappropriate submissions are immediately deleted. By clicking to proceed with your ordination you acknowledge and allow the ULC Monastery to send you a confirmation email message.

Proceed With Your Ordination



Get Ordained Online

You will be referred to the ULC Monastery where you can complete your ordination. Upon completion, a confirmation email will be sent to you; this will serve as a record of your ordination. Once you have done this you will be ready to perform services like weddings and baptisms. Don’t hesitate to begin your own ministry, just be sure to follow your personal calling. It is free to join and completely legal.

Become Ordained